A simple and intuitive approach to understand K-Means algorithm.

What is Clustering?
Clustering is a sort of a task where each data point is clubbed with “Similar” data points and they form one cluster. In other words, data points in one cluster or group are very “Similar” to each other compared to the data points present in another cluster.

K-Means clustering is a very powerful and effective unsupervised machine learning algorithm.

Simple intuition of K-Means Clustering

K-means intends to divide ’n’ number of points into ‘K’ clusters where each point in cluster ‘Xi’ is similar or we can say have…

A guide for EDA in Data science with Python

Exploratory data analysis is a simple classification technique usually done by visual methods. It is an approach to analyzing data sets to summarize their main characteristics. When you are trying to build a machine learning model you need to be pretty sure whether your data is making sense or not.

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a task of analyzing data using simple tools from statistics, simple plotting tools.

What is the need of EDA?

Every machine learning problem solving starts with EDA. It is probably one of the most important part of a machine learning project. With the growing market, the size of data is also…

Python is widely popular and user-friendly language which is used for general purposes. It is designed to be highly readable. Python is an interpreted language. That means that, unlike languages like C and its variants, Python does not need to be compiled before it is run. Other interpreted languages include PHP and Ruby.


A novice data scientist trying to 'script' my way into the programming world.

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